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Week of January 3, 2009

Enough is Enough.
Through the
7th Day of the Israel-Hamas War
in Gaza

Prayer Guide and News Launch

Eyewitness to the Holy Land Foundation Trial 2008
The Beginning of the Fall of Hamas

Chronicle from the Courtroom Sept to Nov
IsraelWatcher A Second Opinion Blog

Week of Dec 17, 2007

The Political Dynamics of  the
National Intelligence Estimate Report
on Iran

Is it intel or is it politics?

The U.K., France, Germany, Brussels,
the IAEA and Israel ALL AGREE
the NIE report is a
Dangerous Political Bush-whacking

MUST READ Challenges
to the NIE Assessment

Another Case of
Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap

Week of Nov 17, 2007

Christian Charitable Support of Israel
Connecting the Dots
on Seemingly Far Flung Current Events
The Threat to Palestinian Christians:
How Christian Giving Deters Hamas Influence
Political Activism to Protect Endangered Believers

The Annapolis Conference:
It's not the only prayer priority!

Week of Nov 1, 2007

A Follow Up to the
Holy Land Foundation Trial

(The Not-Even-Trying-to-be-Politically-Correct Version)

An Eyewitness to the Courthouse Scene
& a brief of the facts of the case

Week of Oct 7, 2007

Wake Up Spiritual America!
The War is on regardless of the
Nightly News Failure to Report.

Hamas 'Charity' Trial
Verdict Likely This Week!

* Hamas Pays Security Forces in Cash from a Suitcase
(Think about it.)
* Latest Poll Shows Gazans fear, distrust Hamas
* Steve Emerson: "Jihad is jihad"

Gaza Palestinian Christian Kidnapped and Murdered
Gaza - Israel - West Bank
* Christians welcome...or not?
Religious Extremes Must Not Dictate

Shifts & Surprises
Saudi Fatwa, Syrian Border Intrigue
and Elections in Lebanon, Turkey and Pakistan

Media what else is new?
"morally disoriented and politically gullible"

September 4 , 2007 Update
Most Important Terrorism Funding
Trial in U.S. History

Cloaked in Deception
'Charity' Fund Raisers for Hamas

Update August 17, 2007
Holy Land Foundation Terrorism Trial

Week of May 20, 2007

73% Israelis Consider Bush a Friend
* but you wouldn't know it by listening to the religious.
Does that make the Bush bashers right? Emphatically NO.

War between Hamas and the PA threatens Israel too

Rabbis Out of the Closet:
* Declare Israeli Jewish-Christian alliance off limits
* Tourism Minister to Adhere to Ban

Battles Intensify
Which ones? All of them.

The Republicans' Reagan Standard,
Should it Really Apply Now?
"I never realized the irrationality of Middle Eastern politics."
Time has come to get up to speed.

Week of May 7, 2007

Winograd Commission - Israel's
Iraq Study Group Report
* Hezballah: Winograd proof we were victorious

Another Opinion from Israeli columnists
-Report "decidedly dovish"
-Sore Winners, "wallowing in self-criticism"
-Protests Revenge on Disengagement, not Lebanon War

Parallel Universe

* Walid Phares notes U.S. is losing the war
in Congress not Iraq

Happier to Report:
* U.S./Israel-friendly conservative French President elected;
* Turkish Islamic-rooted party dealt another blow;
* U.S. and Israelis chart new rules of war for terrorist insurgents

Week of April 26, 2007

When Necessity and Courage Meet
This Day We Fight!

Region Uneasy with War Threats

* Will Syria bolt? Will Egypt? Israel Wonders

* Hamas just can't contain itself and this
is supposed to be a legitimate government?
We just love a good spy story
(There are plenty to go around right now)
Under-reported Regional Muslim Violence
Against Christians

Week of April 15, 2007

In Memory of the Holocaust
A Nation Remembers the Cost of Liberty

Al Qaeda in Gaza
Another Threat to Christians

Gaza Baptist Church Library is Bombed

The War on Terror
Who's spinning intel? Many who don't understand it.
Illusions of Grandeur: Pelosi takes the
color coordinated head scarve tour of the Middle East

Week of April 3, 2007
Making Headlines:
The Saudi Plan, the Arab Summit
and PM Olmert's Offer to
in Spite of all the Saber-rattling Threats

Palestinian Poisoned Streets
Half the nation wants compromise, tired of starving and
living in the muck; the other half fighting for dominance

Watch Closely, It's Like a Shell Game
Shuffling Alliances in the Middle East

Viewpoints Worth Considering
Get a Second Opinion--
(Yours might just be the party line too long encased in concrete)

Week of March 24, 2007

Diplomatic Realities: The Saudi Fig Leaf

Quartet Resolve Holding Against Hamas Compromise

Incitement to Violence -
When an Islamist Cries "Jihad" on the Temple Mount,
Why Should he be Allowed to Remain in Jerusalem?

Religious SHAS party making waves

Iranians Ratchet Up Tensions by Seizing 15 Brits
Could be in for a big surprise when the Brits strike back

Week of March 12, 2007

Do You Really Know the Players?
The revived Sanhedrin

Lost Tomb of Jesus…NOT
Thou Shalt Not Serve - Religious’ IDF Service
Iranian Defectors Welcome!
War on Terror - U.S. Must Not Blink in Iraq

Week of Feb 21, 2007

It's all About
The Battles for the Temple Mount

Willing to dig for the truth
and not just settle for the surface nuggets?

Discover a treasure trove in these articles.

Week of Feb 2, 2007

The Blessings of Liberty
U.S. Terror Jury Disconnect:
It's all in the Followthru
Shiite Iran's 12th Imam:
Pay Attention to this
Tackling Terror Where it Lives
Destablizing the Iranian Regime

Week of Jan 26, 2007

The War Weary & the "Mentally Fatigued"
Israeli Pressure Cooker
Experts Weigh in on Iran at Herilya Conference
Backgrounds, POV and more

Week of Jan 17, 2007

Going Ballistic over
24 Storyline:
Liberals in Denial
Wake up. 24 is the Real World
Proof in the Current News Stories

Week of Jan 8, 2007
Nukes, Lies and MediaWars:
The Story Behind the 'Nuke Iran' Headlines
Burying the Honored & the Shamed
Counting the Cost:
Why we must not fail in Iraq

Week of Jan 1, 2007
Presidential Inventory & Resolution

Week of Dec 19, 2006
Maneuvering in Treacherous Territories

Week of Dec 6, 2006
IRAQ, LEBANON & the Palestinians
Islamic Shia vs. Islamic Sunni

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