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Who will define reality in our lives and our nations?
Commentary by Donna Diorio November 10, 2009

Expose: The Terror Bombing of Messianic Teen Ami Ortiz
by Donna Diorio January 2010

Religious Persecution: Coming to a town near you!

An Interview with Ami Ortiz
One Year After the Bomb Explosion

February 2009

The Messianic Action Committee
Report # 82 March 31, 2008
(Requesting Activism on Behalf of the Israeli Believers
in the wake of the terror bomb attack against the Ortiz family in Ariel)

The Temple is Being Built!!! By Moshe Morrison

Messianic Jews from Beersheba
Sue Local Rabbi and Yad L’Achim

Reprint of an article
by Jorg Luyken in the June issue of The Jerusalem Post Christian Edition. This article is not published on line elsewhere but it is an important article for Christians to read and know about. Aug 2007

Taking the Land: Addressing the Curse of the 9th of Av
by Donna Diorio

The Seeds of Revolution By Eitan Shishkoff
Israeli Messianic Youth report uploaded

Inside Cover Story: The Religious Freedoms LAWSUITS
on behalf of Messianic Jewish Believers in Israeli Supreme Court
Uploaded Mar 2007
The Beer Sheva Battlefront
The Arad Battlefront

The Citizenship Battlefront

A Historic Event by Dan Juster January 2007
Reflections following a historic event at Dr. Jack Hayford's annual pastoral conference in Nov 2006
Why the restoration of the Jewish Body of Messiah is so important to the Church.

Follow this link
for an important online message given by Asher Intrater
"He removed his sandal"
on the Ruth 4:8 Church
with an intro by Don Finto of Belmont Church and The Caleb Company

The Prophets for Israel
by Donna Diorio Dec 2006

In the Cross of Messiah I Glory by Daniel Juster

Holy Oil by Donna Diorio New! Oct 2006

How to Pray for the Persecuted of Israel by Lura Maiman Beckford

A Messianic Parable: "How the Good Samaritan Turned Bad"
Original Short Story
By Hannah Weiss

Praying in One Accord to Defeat the Territorial Spirits in Israel of "Fear" and Division
by Claude Ezegouri

A Time of War by John Myers

How to Pray for the Israeli Youth by Eitan Shishkoff

Physical and Spiritual Warfare by Asher Intrater

The Mark of God and Israel's Stumbling by Howard Bass

Return to Jerusalem by Asher Intrater

Visitation of Jesus in Israel by Donna Diorio

The Destiny of the Nations by Asher Intrater

A Living Temple by Donna D'Iorio

Return of the Sanhedrin (Oy Veh!) by Donna D'Iorio

The Temple Mount Faithful or the temple mount Faithful? by Donna D’Iorio

Do Jewish People need Jesus?
by Dr Daniel Juster

Message in a Forest: Repairer of the Breach
by Eitan Shishkoff

Racial Pride and Prejudice
by Asher Intrater

Illegal Religious Discrimination
by Baruch Maoz

Israel Revival Strategy
by Asher Intrater

Do You Desire to Hasten the Lord’s Return?
by Donna D’Iorio

An Open Letter To Those Who Prayed Against Sharon's Disengagement Plan
by Asher Intrater 

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Articles by various writers on

• Church support of the Israeli Messianic community
• Israeli Messianic Jewish and Arab Christian reconciliation
• Insights into the building of a spiritual temple in Israel
• Biblical commentary on the life and writings of the apostle Paul relating to Christian
     support of the ministries in Israel
• Religious persecution of the Messianic Jewish ministries in Israel
• The financial strains of the believing community in Israel: Supporting ministry outreach
     in an economy stretched thin by the ongoing assault of a terrorist war
• Other articles related to the body in Israel

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