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January 1, 2007
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2006- 2007 Presidential Inventory & Resolution

George Bush is my hero
By Former New York Mayor, Ed Koch for the Jerusalem Post Dec. 31, 2006

The enormous defeat President Bush suffered with the loss of both Houses of Congress has not caused him to retreat from his position that the US alone now stands between a radical Islamic takeover of many of the world's governments in the next 30 or more years. If that takeover occurs, we will suffer an enslavement that will threaten our personal freedoms and take much of the world back into the Dark Ages.

As U.S. Buries Former President, Our Heritage is Recalled

Fox News Sidebar Videos: Eulogies from the State Funeral12/30/06
by Sen. Stevens, Dennis Hastert and Dick Cheney.

The Underappreciated President
Gerald R. Ford, 1913-2006.
by Fred Barnes The Weekly Standard 12/27/2006

It was two decades before Ford's success as president began to be appreciated. When presidential scholar Fred Greenstein of Princeton developed a half-dozen non-partisan, non-ideological measures for judging modern presidents, he found that Ford scored surprisingly well. Greenstein labeled Ford "underappreciated." Ford's greatest strength, Greenstein wrote in his book The Presidential Difference, was his "emotional intelligence." This is the quality of emotional soundness that allows a president to avoid distractions, not be intimidated by his high office and its obligations, and to take criticism and even policy defeats with equanimity.

War Fronts

The axis of destabilization
By Ksenia Svetlova Jerusalem Post Dec. 21, 2006

WHILE A full strategic alliance between Iran and al-Qaida is still work in progress, it is already a nightmare for Western intelligence organizations. "On the level of intelligence organizations, specialists agree that an Iran-al-Qaida alliance could become a reality," Karmon said, presenting the new axis of evil in the Middle East - "Iran, Iranian-backed Shi'ite Iraq, Syria, Hizbullah in Lebanon and the PA, its most recent member." He called it "the axis of destabilization."

Analysis: How do the Iranian elections affect Israel?
By Elliott Cappell Jerusalem Post Dec. 21, 2006 15:36

In addition to local elections, Iranians also balloted for the Assembly of Experts, a body of clerics who oversee Iran's Supreme Leader. Former President Hashemi Rafsanjani, who lost to Ahmadinejad in the 2005 presidential runoff election, was elected to the Assembly by a wide margin. He won the most votes of any candidate from Tehran, a half a million more than the next candidate. . . .Rafsanjani garnished nearly double the votes of Mesbah-Yazdi. "This is the most important result of the election - a clear expression of dissatisfaction with the current government policy on the part of the Iranian people."

Syria building 'death trap' villages
By Yaakov Katz Jerusalem Post Dec. 21, 2006

Warning that Israel may face a "Syrian intifada," a high-ranking officer in Northern Command has told The Jerusalem Post that villages recently built by Syria along the border are planned to be used as "death traps" for IDF troops in Hizbullah-inspired attacks.

Syria has no intention of separating from Lebanon
By Gil Hoffman and JPost Staff Jerusalem Post Dec. 26, 2006

Foreign Minister Livni went on to say that the immediate interest of Syria was its fear of the international tribunal in to political assassinations in Lebanon including that of former prime minister Rafik Hariri. "The Syrians are worried that the tribunal will list Syrian names in its report and could harm the Syrian regime," she said, adding that they saw it as a threat to the entire regime and they were doing everything possible to overcome the threat.

Iran’s Strong Ties With Syria Complicate U.S. Overtures
By Michael Slackman The New York Times December 28, 2006

Some Western analysts contend that Syria, with a government more pragmatic than ideological, can be pried away from Iran’s influence and convinced that its long-term interests lie instead with the West. But Washington has spent years trying to isolate Syria, while Iran has for decades moved to entwine itself with Syria on many levels — political, military, economic and religious.

"I want my Enemy TV"

Al-Qaida slams Abbas on elections
By Associated Press Jerusalem Post Dec. 20, 2006 CAIRO, Egypt

Al-Zawahri rebuked Hamas particularly for not pushing for an Islamic constitution before it contested the elections. "Aren't they an Islamic movement? Aren't they campaigning for the word of God to be supreme?" he said, adding the party should have insisted on the drafting of "an Islamic constitution for Palestine."

Al-Zawahri: Abbas has gone fat on Jews' bribes
By Associated Press Yediot Aharonot 1-1-07

Al-Qaeda's no. 2 lashes out at Palestinian leaders for cooperating with Jews, Americans, congratulates 'Islamic holy warriors' on 'Americans' defeat' in Iraq, Afghanistan

Positive Reinforcement

US confirms bolstering Assad opposition
By Jerusalem Post Dec. 20, 2006

The US government confirmed Thursday morning a Time magazine report that it was working to secretly strengthen factions opposing the Assad regime in Syria. The Time website revealed a report Wednesday that said the US government was working to affect its support for the opposing factions before the Syrian election in March 2007 - in an effort to push towards a true democratic regime in the Syrian state.

U.S. Readies Security Aid Package
To Help Lebanon Counter Hezbollah

By Robin Wright Washington Post December 22, 2006; Page A29

The package is part of an effort by the United States, France, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and others to shore up the Lebanese security forces so they can eventually extend their control over the entire country for the first time since civil war erupted there in 1975. It is also designed to strengthen the government's hand over the influence of Hezbollah, Lebanon's last militia and a force often better-equipped than the country's army, the sources said.

Bush signs law banning aid to Hamas government
By Ynetnews Yediot Aharonot 12-22-06

President Bush on Thursday signed into law legislation restricting aid to the Hamas-led Palestinian Authority until it recognizes Israel's right to exist, makes financial reforms and takes other steps.

Israel lauds UN sanctions on Iran
By Herb Keinon and AP Jerusalem Post Dec. 23, 2006

"This is a significant step because it is the first time, 17 months after the Iranians began their overt enrichment program, that the international community has taken concrete steps against it," diplomatic officials in Jerusalem said. The officials said the consensus in the Security Council for the sanctions was also highly significant, because it provided a "legal and moral groundwork" for countries to take sanctions on their own, outside the UN framework.

Glaring Truth and Harsh Realities

Figures don't lie
Refusal to cooperate leaves Arab economies far behind Israel's

By Guy Bechor Yediot Aharonot 12-21-06

Therefore, we are not just speaking about two completely different economies, but rather, about a clear distinction between the destitution of the third world and the achievements of the first world; between the marginal and the central; between those rejected by globalization and those who are warmly embraced by it.

Olmert: Right focuses on blood, fire
By Attila Somfalvi Yediot Aharonot 12-25-06

Prime Minister Ehud Olmert decided to respond Monday to the criticism directed at him regarding Israel’s restraint policy. During a Kadima faction meeting in the Knesset the prime minister said, “We hope to formulate a diplomatic plan soon. The difference between us and the Right is that they only speak of blood, sweat and tears, but they do not offer a diplomatic plan or course. They have no proposal.”

Islamic Jihad: We are firing rockets in bid to sabotage Gaza truce
By Aluf Benn, Amos Harel, Mijal Grinberg and Yoav Stern Haaretz Correspondents, Service and Agencies 12/27/2006

The Iranian-backed militant group Islamic Jihad is firing Qassam rockets at Israel with the intention of sabotaging the month-long Gaza truce and provoking Israeli retaliation, members of the group said Wednesday.

Hizbullah paying terrorists for Kassam attacks
By Herb Keinon and Yaakov Katz Jerusalem Post Dec. 28, 2006

According to security officials, Islamic Jihad gets the money via its headquarters in Damascus while Fatah's Tanzim terror group and the Popular Resistance Committees receive payment from Hizbullah in Lebanon. All of the money originated in Iran, the officials said.

Mohammed overtakes George in list of most popular names in UK
By Sarah Womack The UK Telegraph 12-21-06

LONDON: Mohammed, and its most common alternative spelling Muhammad, are now more popular babies' names in the UK than George, reflecting the diverse ethnic mix of the population.

Thinly Veiled Threat

Iran: Mahdi will defeat archenemy in Jerusalem
By Yaakov Lappin Yediot Aharonot 12-31-06

Iranian State media says, ‘Shiite messiah will kill archenemy in Jerusalem, could come during spring equinox' . . . .“Then the Imam will send 10 thousand of his forces to the east and west to uproot the oppressors. At this time God will facilitate things for him and lands will come under his control one after the other."

These collections of news stories are not just for the sake of information, opinion or commentary
but rather are meant to help Christians and Messianic Jews pray more effectively
for the things that God has declared He is going to do.

You might say, "What does all this have to do with Israel? I just want to pray for Israel!" Think of it this way, Jesus said the gospel of the kingdom was going to be preached in every nation of the world--including the nations surrounding and hostile to Israel that are now held in the grip of Islam. If the gospel is going to be given the freedom to be preached in Israel's neighborhood, then the militant fanaticism of Islam has to be broken.

How did the Berlin Wall come down? God was quietly undermining the hold of Communism throughout the U.S.S.R. and behind the Iron Curtain. Suddenly the Wall came down, just as the walls of Jericho, but Western nations had to stand in opposition until God visibly brought down the Communism that kept the gospel locked out of those nations. The Fall of Islam will be similar.

There is a relationship to the commitment of Western nations to stand for liberty and freedom, and the fall of both secular and religious "isms" that have closed the doors of their nations against the gospel. God is bringing those down walls that stand against the sure promises of the Word being fulfilled--such as the word that says, "men from every tribe and tongue and
people and nation" will be "purchased for God with Your Blood." There is yet to come great harvest of souls by the Blood of Jesus in every nation
--just as there already has begun in the nations of the former Soviet Union and behind the Iron Curtain. The wall of Islam will see a similar breakdown that will open the Middle East to the gospel of the kingdom of God. The civil wars and conflict currently broiling in the region do not spell Israel's demise, but Islam's demise!

It is as Francis Frangipane recently said, “In all the predictions about Israel, one major prophetic reality seems almost always to be ignored: the gospel of the kingdom still must be proclaimed as a witness to all nations, 'and then the end shall come.' In other words, God's focus is still on reaching the nations, even the Muslim world (and also the Hindu and Buddhist worlds). We still have a job to do in that arena, as none of the nations in the Middle East have known a true and significant outpouring of the Holy Spirit. Until that happens -- and until the fullness of the gentiles comes in -- these other events concerning Israel and the end sit upon a stage yet to be revealed. We may have wars in the Middle East, and while our prayers for Israel remain steadfast, our eyes should still be looking for the harvest.”

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