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Week of Jan 17, 2007

Going Ballistic over
24 Storyline:
Liberals in Denial
Wake up. 24 is the Real World
Proof in the Current News Stories

Week of Jan 8, 2007
Nukes, Lies and MediaWars:
The Story Behind the 'Nuke Iran' Headlines
Burying the Honored & the Shamed
Counting the Cost:
Why we must not fail in Iraq

Week of Jan 1, 2007
Presidential Inventory & Resolution

Week of Dec 19, 2006
Maneuvering in Treacherous Territories

Week of Dec 6, 2006
IRAQ, LEBANON & the Palestinians
Islamic Shia vs. Islamic Sunni

Israel News on Israel Prayer .com
I S R A E L- N E W S briefs & news L A U N C H

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We seek to digest the facts, spit out as much rhetoric, bias and prejudice
as possible, then position ourselves before God to pray as He leads.
This will produce effective Issachar prayer warriors for Israel..
–Donna Diorio

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