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of the indigenous ministries and congregations of Israel


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The purpose of this section
is to encourage
Christian Israel supporters to make a direct connection
with the 'hidden' body of Messiah in Israel, the indigenous ministries. 

There are in the neighborhood of 180 Messianic Jewish congregations in Israel and most of the Church is unaware of their existence and significance. 

The body in Israel keeps a low profile because of the threat of persecution from some quarters of Israeli society.  Persecution comes from some but not all quarters of the general public, however what does come is serious enough to cause pose threat and security concerns. 

To understand and see an example of what the security concerns involved are, look to the persecution that Saul breathed out towards Jewish believers in Yeshua before the Lord revealed Himself to the religious zealot on the road to Damascus.  The Israeli body stands in similar circumstances, with an expectation that the Lord will yet reveal Himself to other persecuting religious zealots as they stand fast in declaring thier faith.   

The ministry profiles listed here represent only a small but quality percentage of the indigenous ministries that we have been able to locate, contact and obtain approval to publish certain information about. 


Our desire is to provide insight to Christians into the diversity of ministries, visions and fields of harvest these brothers and sisters are sacrificially laboring in within Israel.  Our desire is to expose them to public view only to the extent that they are comfortable with considering their own security needs.

All information published in these profiles has been personally approved by the individual ministries. 
We would never usurp their right to make their own decisions over their own security.  We ask our readers to also respect those concerns.  Submissions to listing on this website may only be made by the leadership within Israeli ministries.  All submissions to list a ministry or congregation will be verfied as originating from and approved by the ministry.

This is an easy access guide to Israeli ministries that does not seek to highlight any specific stream within the Israeli Messianic Jewish community.  It is, to our knowledge, the first of its kind.  Our prayer is that the Lord will use this to connect Israel-loving Christians with the household of faith in Israel, and that through this connection the Lord will impart His desire to release "the wealth of the Gentiles" unto the laborers of the harvest in Israel. (Isaiah 60)  It is a wealth that includes intercession, financial resourcing and spiritual equipping.  Our prayers for the protection of the entire Israeli body of believers is a constant petition to God.

Profiles submitted by Israeli ministries can include as much or as little information as each individual ministry is willing to have posted publicly, including photos. 


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