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October 7 , 2007

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Holy Land Foundation Trial:
This Week Likely to See Verdict


Holy Land jury is told to keep deliberating
Judge speaks after getting note that panelist refuses to vote

By Jason Trahan / The Dallas Morning News Wednesday, October 3, 2007

The judge in the Holy Land Foundation terrorism financing case told jurors to keep deliberating after the foreperson sent him a note Wednesday (10/3) saying that one of them had essentially deadlocked the panel…. Wednesday marked the ninth full day of deliberations after two months of complex testimony on hundreds of pieces of evidence. It was also the fifth day since the jurors had to restart deliberations after one of them was replaced with an alternate Sept. 26 for an unknown reason. Just before 2 p.m. Wednesday, Judge Fish brought all 12 jurors into the courtroom and gave them a special jury instruction, known as an Allen charge, typically a last-ditch effort to spur long-deliberating panelists to reach a verdict.

Another Little Noticed Victory for the USG
By Bill West CounterTerrorismBlog  October 4, 2007

Outside of central Florida (Orlando), there will be little attention paid to a ruling just handed down by the U.S. 11th Circuit Court of Appeals in Atlanta. The case involves the criminal conviction appeals of two defendants convicted in 2004 of Federal immigration and tax fraud. The defendants…were associates of now deceased Palestinian-American millionaire businessman ….[who] made his fortune in the Orlando area catering to the tourist sales industry.

The investigation and prosecution was a major multi-agency immigration, money laundering and tax violation case at the time. Shortly after the arrests, the lead Assistant U.S. Attorney in Orlando commented in a detention hearing there were suspicious financial links to foreign terrorist organizations.

Hamas pays Gaza security forces in cash
Yediot Aharonot October 5, 2007

Islamist group Hamas paid thousands of Gaza security officials on Friday by dishing out cash from suitcases rather than using banks, as Israel tightened a financial clampdown on the Palestinian territory….  Israeli officials believe that despite an international boycott and pressure on local banks, Hamas is able to bring into Gaza tens of millions of dollars each month using pro-Hamas businesses, cross-border tunnels and by sea.,7340,L-3456594,00.html

True Colors are not Shades of Gray


Palestinian Christian found dead in Gaza

Rami Ayyad, 31, director of The Teacher's Bookshop, which is operated by the Palestinian Bible Society, was kidnapped and murdered over the weekend. Although no group claimed responsibility, Christians in Gaza City reported death threats from radical Muslims who accused Ayyad of “conducting missionary activities.”   The murder follows two years of increasing attacks against Palestinian Christians in Gaza especially since Hamas terror organization took full control of the territory. 

Other incidents include many attacks against the bookshop and Bible Society; a firebombing of a local Christian school and a monastery; and two weeks ago an elderly Gaza City woman was beaten and robbed by an attacker who called her an “infidel.”

Only 2,500 Christian Arabs remain in the Gaza Strip as Islamic persecution against Palestinian Christians as forced many to seek asylum in other nations.

Poll shows Gazans fear, distrust Hamas
Most residents of the Gaza Strip are afraid to openly express their political views following Hamas' takeover of the area in June….The poll found that a majority of Gazans oppose rocket attacks on Israel, favor a peace agreement with the Jewish state, and do not consider the Hamas authority in Gaza to be the legitimate Palestinian government. It also concluded that Hamas would lose elections if a new vote were held today. The poll was conducted by Near East Consulting, a research firm based in the West Bank

Hamas Indoctrinates Children…Again
by the Investigative Project on Terrorism IPT News October 4, 2007

The media arm of HAMAS, Al-Aqsa TV, once again is using the airwaves to indoctrinate Palestinian youth and glorify violent jihad. In recent months, HAMAS has drawn the ire of the international community with various programs aimed at filling the minds of the next generation of Palestinians with hate and violence. The underlying message of the videos has largely focused on Israeli aggression, though, in recent editions, has digressed into the fray of the Hamas-Fatah split.

Government declares Gaza 'enemy entity'

The security cabinet's decision Wednesday to designate Gaza "hostile territory," a declaration preparing the way for a possible cutoff of gas and electricity supplies, has as much to do with Israeli frustration that Hamas is showing it can govern the Strip as it does with the constant Kassam barrages, The Jerusalem Post has learned.

Islamic Turf Wars
—in the Battle for Hearts and Minds


Who won at Columbia?
Middle Israel Column by Amotz Asa ElJerusalem Post

In fact, the very concept of freedom of speech was unwittingly twisted in this affair …..Altogether bizarre was dean John Coatsworth's statement that he would also invite Adolf Hitler to speak at Columbia. If so, then what next: a joint seminar by Pol Pot, Timothy McVeigh and Jack the Ripper? Has the university once headed by Dwight Eisenhower, Hitler's defeater, really become so morally disoriented and politically gullible?

One on One with Steven Emerson:
'Jihad is jihad'

Investigative Project on Terrorism executive director Steven Emerson claims that radical Islam is alive and well in America - thanks to the tacit cooperation of government agencies which embrace the very groups they should be investigating.

Bush says he believes US will 'defend its ally Israel'
President Bush warned Wednesday of a nuclear-armed Iran but did not rule out that the United States would negotiate with its provocative leader if he gives up his suspected nuclear weapons ambitions…."In Iran, we're dealing with a country where the leader has said that he wants to destroy Israel," Bush said. "My belief is that the United States will defend our ally Israel. This is a leader who has made very provocative statements….In other words, it's his choice, it's not mine anymore.”

Bush to UN: World must free itself from tyranny, violence

Speaking before UN's General Assembly, US president calls on world nations to stop slamming Israel for violating human rights, support budding democracies

By Yitzhak Benhorin Yediot Aharonot September 25, 2007

NEW YORK - US President George W Bush spoke before the United Nation's General Assembly Tuesday and called on its members to stop treating Israel as if it is the only country where human rights are not fully observed. Bush's speech before the 62nd assembly revolved mainly around the worldwide abuse of human rights and the world's need to free itself from tyranny and violence. Naming Myanmar, Darfur, Cuba and Zimbabwe as some of the nations most at fault for abusing human rights, Bush announced new US sanctions against Myanmar's military rulers.,7340,L-3453525,00.html

‘Christians Not Welcome
say Religious Bureaucrats in Israeli Interior Ministry
What Say You, Middle Israel?


Christian Couple Forced to Leave Israel after 20 Years
By Nicole Jansezian Israel Today  September 04, 2007

Ron Cantrell was living out his calling to stand by the Jewish people in Israel when on June 11, 2003 he was at the scene of a suicide bombing that killed 18 people on a bus on Jaffa Road.  “Experiencing terrorism in such a personal way only confirmed my resolve and commitment to the Jewish nation of Israel,” Cantrell wrote on his website.

Four years later, however, Israel’s Ministry of Interior, exercising its “ultimate discretion,” refused the Cantrell’s application to live in Israel and instead ordered them to leave the Land after having been here for more than 20 years.

The missionary danger
Current-day missionaries use friendly tactics, but are just as dangerous as before
By Ya'acov Margi, Knesset member and Shas faction chairman Yediot Aharonot September 27, 2007

The Israeli government must boost enforcement and promote the bill I initiated, which would ban conversion efforts and set a jail term of one year for those who violate the law.,7340,L-3453631,00.html

Natural allies in a dangerous world

When I arrived here as a Christian visitor, I came with the conviction that an assault upon Jews is an implicit assault upon Christians, since it strikes at the root of the same ancient tree. In that light, I wanted to see for myself the predicament….

55,000 turn out for Jerusalem March
By Neta Sela Yediot Aharonot October 2, 2007

Holy City's streets fill with thousands of Israelis plus some 7,000 Christian tourists who came to express their solidarity with the Jewish nation on Sukkot.,7340,L-3455899,00.html

Most Welcome ‘Fatwa’ from
Top Saudi Religious Figure


Top Saudi Cleric Issues Warning
By Michael Jacobson CounterTerrorismBlog

Earlier this week, Sheikh Abdel-Aziz Al-Asheikhthe most senior Wahhabi cleric in Saudi Arabia -- released a rather surprising religious edict. In this fatwa, the Grand Mufti of Saudi Arabia instructed Saudis not to leave the Kingdom to participate in jihad – a statement directed primarily at those considering going to Iraq.

Al-Asheikh said that he decided to speak up, “after it was clear that over several years Saudis have been leaving for jihad” and that “our youth…became tools carrying out heinous acts.” Perhaps even most significantly, Al-Asheikh also addressed potential donors, urging them to “be careful about where [their money is] spent so it does not damage young Muslims.”

Tensions with Syrian Border
Israel & U.S. Not Caught Unaware


Iran worried over Syrian air defense failure in IAF strike
Report by Yossi Melman Haaretz

Iran is concerned over the failure of Syria's air defense systems to detect the Israel Air Force non-stealth aircraft that reportedly carried out an attack inside Syria last month, the American weekly Aviation Week reported on its Web site on Wednesday.

According to the report, Israel was able to disrupt Syria's radar and air defense systems and render them ineffective during the IAF strike. The Web site reported that Israel used an electronic device, installed in a plane that circled the area, to disrupt Syria's defenses.

The Lebanese Struggle
to Gain Freedom


There are two camps: with the Terrorists or against them
By "Karim," the CTB Special Correspondent in Lebanon on Lebanon’s Presidential Election
Relayed by Jeffrey Imm CounterTerrorismBlog Washington DC, October 2, 2007

The Lebanese public has shown tremendous vigor and commitment during the Cedars Revolution, it would be a suicide to collapse politically while the US, Europe, the UN and many Arab countries are supporting the current Government and the current majority in Parliament. If those politicians who want to cut such deals cross that line, they wouldn't be able to count on anyone anymore. They will be alone, surrounded by the Syrian and Iranian killing machines.

Fabrications & the Media  

GPO: France 2 faked al-Dura footage

France 2 television fabricated the events surrounding the death of Muhammad al-Dura in Gaza in 2000
, according to Government Press Office director Danny Seaman. ….An appeals court judge in Paris ordered France 2 last month to show the court about 25 minutes of raw video footage shot at the Netzarim junction on September 30, 2000, when the 12-year-old boy was shot. The court gave France 2 until November 14. France 2's original broadcast showed 55 seconds of edited footage.


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