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This photo just SPEAKS to me.
The Olive Tree in the Cardo

It is of an Olive Tree growing in the Cardo of the Old City Jerusalem. If you look carefully, you can faintly see the menorah in the background courtyard but it is the Olive Tree that is the focal point.

Besides being artistically beautiful this layout speaks something spiritual to me about the Olive Tree (as in the olive tree of Romans 11:17.) The natural branches that are being grafted back into “their own olive tree” which is symbolic of the planting of God in faith that was broken off in unbelief so God could provide a way “wild branches,” the Gentiles to be grafted in to this planting in faith.

I can’t even fully verbalize it yet, but this actual, natural olive tree in the Cardo is a symbolic living representation of the growing young Israeli Jewish Body of Messiah.

Its location—in the Cardo of the Old City Jerusalem—speaks of these Messianic believers as being the very heartbeat of God for the Jewish people.

The Israeli Body of Messiah are the “Cardio”-vascular system that is supplying The Blood flow to the whole nation of Israel represented symbolically in real life by the menorah in the background composition of this photograph.

They are as Joseph, whose identity was hidden from the eyes of his brothers until he revealed himself to them. They are for the people of Israel as Joseph was for his brothers and their families: Divinely planted for God’s purposes to bless the whole house of Israel.


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