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Negev Desert Region
Congregations and Ministries

Beersheva Congregational Profile For
Nachalat Yeshua, Yeshua's Inheritance
Leader: Howard and Randi Bass

Based in: Beersheva in the Negev Desert
Founded: 1972
Associate ministers/leaders: Olavi Syvanto, Dima Brodkin
Sister congregations (Other congregations planted by this ministry):
      Arad Messianic Congregation / Yakim Figueras /
Language of Services/Translations provided: Hebrew with translation into Russian and English
Primary Ministry Focus to: Israelis from wherever
Other Ministries or outreaches: Pro-Life; Hands of Mercy; Drug rehab; Israeli-Palestinian reconciliation through Yeshua
Theological/Spiritual Emphasis: Evangelical, cross-denominational
Physical Address or ministry postal address: PO Box 810 15 HaAvot St Be'er Sheva. 84107
Donations Addressed to: Nichalim BaNegev P.O. Box 12454 84672 Beer Sheva, Israel
Phone numbers: 972-8-627-7022; 627-7936 (fax)
Amutah Status: The congregation is under the amuta (non-profit org.) Nichalim BaNegev (Streams in the Negev).

Arad in the Negev Ministry Profile For
Anshey HaMelech / King’s Men Chess and Bible Shop
Leaders: Eddie and Lura Maiman Beckford

Based in: Arad
Founded: 2004
Language of Services/Translations provided: English, Russian, Hebrew, Arabic and Spanish
Primary Ministry Focus to: Israeli Jews and Arabs
Other Ministries or outreaches: Encouraging the broken and down-trodden in Israel
Theological/Spiritual Emphasis: Evangelism/Prophecy/Charity/Leading of the Holy Spirit * Messiah Y’shua is returning soon and we are helping to prepare the way of the Lord. We are non-denomenational and welcome other believers since we are all of the Body of Messiah!
Physical Address or ministry postal address: PO Box 5054, Arad, Israel
Donations Addressed to: MHCF, Inc. 2792 N. Cherry Lane, Ronks, PA 17572, USA (designate checks for "Israel")
Phone numbers: (08) 997-2807

Beersheva region Ministry Profile For
Final Frontier Ministries /David’s Tent
Worship Ministries and Negev fellowship
Leaders: Avner & Rachel Boskey,
Based in: Beersheva region
Primary Ministry Focus to: Worship , intercession, creative arts, youth, prophetic
Donations Addressed to: Contact through form mail at the David's Tent website.
Email: Contact through form mail at the David's Tent website.

Negev Desert Region Ministry Profile For
Simeon’s Cry Ministries

Leaders: Sean and Ayelet Steckbeck
Based in: the Negev Desert region
Founded: 2002
Language of Services/Translations provided: Hebrew
Primary Ministry Focus to: Evangelism and mentoring to Israeli sabras (born in Israel) and reaching the unreached cities by providing strategic information for intercessors and also evangelism outreaches.
Other Ministries or outreaches: Encouraging the broken and down-trodden in Israel
Theological/Spiritual Emphasis: Fostering an organic Messianic Hebrew-speaking house congregational movement in Israel starting in the Negev. We believe in evangelism and strategic intercession. We believe in the prophetic and signs and wonders. We support the Megashift and House Church movement.
Physical Address or ministry postal address: Simeon's Cry, Reim 2, Metar, Israel
Donations Addressed to: Tikkun/Simeon’s Cry, Tikkun Ministries International, PO Box 2997, Gaithersburg, MD 20879 Phone: 301-977-3515
Phone numbers: tel: 054-634-3568

Beersheva Ministry Profile For
for Mishkan Ed
Leader: Marlene & Eliezer Malachi

Based in: BEER SHEVA
Founded: 1983
Leader’s current associations and pertinent background: read "His Testimony" By Marlene Malachi
1. To blow the trumpet of the VERY SOON COMING of MESSIAH!
2. To bring the Church back to her roots, THE FIRST CHURCH and BY IT help the Jewish people recognize their Messiah.
3. To prepare God's people for work of service and for perfection, till the very soon coming of the Lord.
4. To build a bridge between Jews and Christians.
5. To bring the Jews back to their God, the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, the God of Israel and recognize their Messiah - Yeshua!
6. To bring the chosen people who are scattered all around the world back to their land - the land of their forefathers, the land of promise, the land of Israel, before the appearance of Yeshua their Messiah!
Theological/Spiritual Emphasis: Knowing whom you serve, Holy living, Miracles as a way of life, faith, The Gospel through Jewish eyes.
Donations Addressed to: Marlene & Eliezer Malachi, Bank: Ha-Poalim Bank
No: 12 Branch: 668 Account No 253827
Phone numbers: 972-8-6422805

An Appeal: Persecution of Jews is increasing speedily all over the world. Mishkan Ed
desires to bring God's people, the Jews who are scattered all around the world, back to
their land, and are interested in purchasing a ship to bring it to fulfillment. Nothing is
impossible with God! Would you be a part?

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