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Akko Congregational Profile For
Kehilat Katzir Asher, The Harvest of Asher Congregation
Leader: Guy & Tali Cohen
Based in: Akko, the important ancient coastal port of Acre, north of the Haifa Bay close the Lebanese border. Akko is one of the poorest of Israeli towns and the congregation is led by a young family man who was born and grew up in Akko.
Founded: 2005
Leader’s current associations and pertinent background: Under the spiritual covering of Eitan Shishkoff, Ohalei Rachimim (Tents of Mercy).
Associate ministers/leaders: Worship: Bill Bokelman and Joseph Kim
Sister congregations: Tents of Mercy
Language of Services/ Translations provided: Hebrew w/English and Russian translation.
Primary Ministry Focus to: native-born Israelis; new immigrants from all nations, especially former Soviet Union, Ethiopia and Latin America.
Other Ministries or outreaches: Social work is a high priority with food and clothing bank and other opportunities throughout the Akko community.
Theological/Spiritual Emphasis: Torah-positive; apostolic/charismatic
Ministry Postal Address: PO Box 1018 Kiryat Yam 29109 Israel
Donations Addressed to: (within the USA) Tikkun Ministries International, PO Box 2997, Gaithersburg, MD 20879 Phone: (301) 977-3515 (Please Note Donations specifically earmarked for Harvest of Asher ministry)
Direct Deposit Donations information: Bank – 31; Code – Acre (Acco); City – 072; Branch – 271683; Account Number – Tents of Mercy; Address – 28 Yehoshafat St., p.o.b. 3143; Zip code – 24512; Telephone – 04-9559200; Fax – 03 -5134072; Swift Code – FIRBILITXXX; Working hours – Sun-Thurs 8:30-13:30 and Mon, Wed 16:00-18:30.
Congregational Phone numbers: 04-8777921.

Amutah Status: Registered as a non-profit organization in Israel (amutah)

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